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--Danielle B. , Canada Student since 2017 

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“I really appreciate your jazz learning materials. Your stuff here is really much more organized and helpful compared to others. And that your sincerity in teaching is very appealing and conducive in learning jazz. I am thankful and sincerely appreciate what you do here. Keep it up! Thanks a lot!! " -Miguel I., Philippines

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The membership is going really well. My favorite aspects are the comprehensiveness of the material and your responsiveness to my questions. I feel like all the bases are covered for me, at least for the foreseeable future. I also appreciate that you're a talented instructor and communicator of concepts, and your demeanor is great in the videos. It's obvious that you are a genuinely good guy who wants to help people experience the joy of playing jazz guitar. That keeps me coming back. " - Nick C., Sweden

"Thank you so much for your answer to my questions. They were a tribute to your professionalism - complete, clear, concise, and to the point. I really appreciate the thought that went into this and the time required to do it. I am already enormously successful in that I just love this. I am thrilled by a beautiful melody beautifully harmonized. I'm even thrilled by a beautiful note. I listen to songs with new ears. [M-A Seguin] is a great teacher and he has a great partner." -Doug B., U.S.A

“I’m your real teacher: Marc-Andre Seguin, a Canadian thirty-something jazzer, teacher and composer at times. Whether you want to learn to shred mind-blowing bebop solos, backup your favourite soloist with classic jazz chords, or re-arrange timeless jazz tunes entirely for solo guitar, you've found the right place." 

Marc-Andre Seguin - JazzGuitarLessons.net

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""The courses are great and very easy to understand. With Unlimited Membership I can select the one I want or need. I especially liked the chords courses on how clearly and in step-by-step manner the topic was explained. All songs of the month are using Soundslice, which is extremely easy to use. Overall, I do not regret any $ spent :) Great stuff! Thanks a lot. :)" - Michal., Poland

"The fact that it is Unlimited... No, seriously: a very generous offer. Absolutely fantastic: the intro where you give guidance not to drown in the material and to focus on what a student really wants and needs. I have started to reflect seriously on my strengths, weaknesses, dreams and plans. I am still working on that before I'll really start." - Michael H., Germany

 Frequently Asked Questions About the $1 Membership  

What does $1 per month mean? It's a 30-day 1 dollar trial, then the membership renews at $29/month. PLUS your price is "locked" so that your membership remains at $29/month for the duration of your use, and it keeps getting more features: you get access to EVERYTHING on the website without any further charges. It really is all-inclusive. And we keep adding new stuff :-)

Is there a contract? No contract! You can cancel at anytime. It's month to month. And you're only charged for the months you were actually a member. Simply email us at any time to cancel (no charge, no questions aksed). The average Unlimited Member uses the membership for 8+ months.

How often is new content added to the Unlimited Membership? A few times per month! The new Tune of the Month materials and new transcriptions are added monthly. New curriculum-based tutorials (full-fledged online video courses) are being created on an ongoing basis. 

Can I keep the courses when I cancel my membership? The Unlimited Membership is "rental-only". Which means that you can watch all videos as many time as you like, download the eBooks and use the Tune of the Month songs. The end of your membership simply is the end of your access. Think of it like Netflix, or streaming. Notice that all courses can still be purchased "à la carte" for lifetime access if you're not member. 

Can I download the videos? The videos are streamable, only. However, you can download the PDFs and eBooks to your computer.

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